Little Zoo loves working closely with our clients to bring their projects to life. No matter the project type or scope, Little Zoo strives to produce the best quality animation possible. Below is a selection of some of the feature film, short film, commercial, and virtual reality projects we've been involved with.


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Little Zoo | Animation Reel


Rock Dog | Feature Film

League Of Gods | Feature Film

TMNT2 | Marketing Tool Kits


Quenottes | Short Film

LEGO Batman | Spots

Trident | Deer Spot


Chuck E Cheese | Commercials

American Horror Story | VR

OS3Open Season 3 | Feature Film


Freebirds | Marketing Campaign

TMNT2 | 360 Video

HSMAutodesk | HSM VIdeo Game


Radio City Music Hall

The Book of Life | VR Experience


Safe Auto | Singing Truck

Hunger Games | VR Experience


Transformers | RID Commercial

Florida Lottery | Imagine


Cheetos | The Book of Life

Radio City Music Hall


Cheetos / DM2 | Mix-Ups

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